Each of the classes are designed to learn, evolve and improve. No matter what level you start with, we will help you achieve a physical condition that will make you ready for anything.

Every day CrossFit training changes based on global planning that structures and ensures evolution by applying functional, Olympic, metabolic, gymnastic and sports training.

Each class ensures a complete training, learning, adaptation, practice and high intensity.

Anything can happen in a CrossFit Class.

Our On Ramp program.

If this is your first time doing CrossFit, THIS IS YOUR PLAN.

You will start training from the first day but you will have greater learning about the fundamental movements of CrossFit so that you evolve in a safe way and learn the technique and everything necessary about CrossFit.

We have 12 On Ramp sessions prepared so that later, you can access any class successfully.

CrossFit Masters is a CrossFit class for people over 55 or those in need of special accommodations or escalations.

The goal of CrossFit Masters is for anyone to start getting fit or improve their fitness, without restrictions of any kind. The health benefits of CrossFit are important in diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass, cardio vascular or cardio respiratory problems, joint problems, etc. It will improve your quality of life.

Training program adapted to the little ones for the development of their motor skills.

It is designed for boys and girls between 3 and 16 years old.

Crossfit for children allows children to be more active in and out of class, gets children used to playing sports regularly, channeling their energy and acquiring healthy lifestyle habits.

CrossFit Kids encourages confidence, discipline, respect and camaraderie.

Olympic Weightlifting are classes to learn how to adapt weightlifting exercises to CrossFit. They are CrossFit workouts focused on improving weight lifting and barbell techniques for when you perform them in high-intensity WODs.

Hone your gymnastics skills in this specific class to give your best in Crossfit workouts.

In Gymnastics you will improve the main skills working from strength to technique, through postural control and coordination.

CrossFit Mobility is a class focused on working on joint mobility and muscle flexibility. The basis of everything is being able to move properly, and for this, mobility is essential.

Strenght Club son clases con el objetivo de ganar fuerza. Mejorarás la fuerza a través de una planificación específica para ello. Con más fuerza mejorarás en el resto de disciplinas a la velocidad del rayo.

A challenge to improve your physical condition and performance

Hyrox is a functional training modality that combines 1km runs with functional training stations

Hyrox is designed to be accessible to people of all fitness levels. Participants can choose to run the full race or complete a shorter version of it.

Hyrox also offers an elite division for competitive athletes.

Practice, train, enjoy the challenges, training and skills that we propose to train and improve in Open Box. You have total freedom to practice what you prefer.

We will advise you to get on the right path.

Only available in the mornings.

Every Saturday morning we meet to do a different CrossFit workout as a community. It can be outdoor, weightlifting, gymnastics, some special modality or a longer CrossFit session.

It’s about group training.

It’s about working as a team.