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Improve your numbers in the BOX with strength training

What are strength training?

Strength classes are a form of CrossFit aimed at improving strength. In these classes you will be able to gain strength progressively and safely.

In strength classes, you will work on the following skills:

  • Muscular strength: They will develop the strength necessary to perform physical activities more easily.
  • Power: They will develop the ability to make explosive movements.
  • Injury Prevention: Strength classes focus on technique, which reduces the risk of injury.
Entrenamiento fuerza
Entrenar fuerza CrossFit

What benefits does strength training have?

Strength training is aimed at all fitness levels. Qualified trainers will adapt the class to your needs.

Entrenamiento crossfit fuerza

The benefits of strength training are numerous, including:

#1. Improves strength and power

You will develop the strength and power necessary to perform more complex physical activities.

#2. Reduces risk of injury

Strength classes focus on technique, which reduces the risk of injury.

#3. Improved mental health and well-being

Strength classes help improve participants’ mental health and well-being, reducing stress and anxiety.

If you want to be stronger, strength training is the perfect solution. Find out today!



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