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Bikini operation begins. The time to show off palmetto on the beach this summer is approaching and everyone is stepping on the accelerator. Google searches regarding diets increase in these months, and the options multiply. Keto or ketogenic, intermittent fasting, detox with juices in three days… All aimed at express, almost miraculous solutions. Human beings want everything now. However, we have to keep in mind that weight loss is no more mysterious than physical exercise combined with calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than you expend). And it has to be done in a healthy way, without causing us stress or unbalancing our lives. A good diet is not about doing things well because the heat comes and the rest of the year being based on processed foods. “Nutrition that makes you feel good when you look in the mirror but keeps you anxious all day, constantly thinking about restrictions or that makes you feel low on energy cannot be good. For this reason, and given that training is always linked to correct nutrition, we are committed to the Eat Fit program, which teaches you to make better decisions over time, which is why we achieve adherence,” explains Dago Alcaraz, CrossFit Courage coach. and with a very active participation in this plan.

Everything is connected, from rest to the exercise we do and how we eat. “Feeding the culture of good eating is helping ourselves to lead a healthy life,” says Dago Alcaraz. There may be very thin people because their genetics are so grateful and, yet, their analysis results are not optimal if they eat industrial products, so weight is not an indication of this. The same thing happens when we gain muscle, slide the coach, because we will probably increase our weight because we have gained muscle mass, but we have lowered our fat percentage and we will be healthier even if the scale shows more.


What usually happens to us with food is that it has a very important psychological component. “If we feel emotionally bad because our partner has left us, for example, we drink chocolate or go to the refrigerator and raid it. When we are happy the same thing happens, we go for beers and we don’t measure. When you have a coach on the other side who guides you, who corrects or enhances your results, it is easier to make better decisions. It’s about losing weight and looking good, yes, but doing it through a guide to learn to eat with good food combinations, regulate the quantity and quality corresponding to the energy you expend and, above all, find what works for us. to each other”.

Surely, at some point in your life you have gone on a diet or consulted a nutritionist but, as soon as you stopped, you have returned to your usual habits, recovering what you lost. The first thing that is done from the Eat Fit program is to analyze our daily life. Maybe you’re eating more than you think, you’re not getting enough protein, you’re moving little, you’ve been on a diet for too long, you’re relaxing too much on the weekend… Stagnating in weight loss is frustrating, but these plateaus are also learning opportunities. . “We don’t want a strict menu, we prefer good nutrition where the color green dominates.”


Look at your plate, and observe the vegetables that are in each of your meals, comparing them with processed foods, cheaper yes, but full of additives. “A good trick is to look at the labels, so that they have as few ingredients as possible. If you see a Bible, don’t put that product in your shopping cart. In the United States, 70% of deaths could be avoided with healthy habits, imagine all the public resources that we would save and the preventable diseases that we would avoid,” says Alcaraz.

Another tip is to go shopping without hunger, to avoid indulgences. “If you get hungry, it is always better to go get the fruit from the refrigerator than to have a food that is not as nutritionally good on hand, so as not to fall. If you think you won’t have time, leave the cut fruit in a tupperware the night before.”

The main problem with diets, Dago continues, is that they give you a piece of paper with a prescription, for example: “Eat three eggs, turkey breast, this vegetable and see you in three weeks.” And it’s not about being restricted by being perfect in your diet, but about making constant progress. Diets usually regulate calories or quantity, but they do not provide the keys to improve our combination so that it is quality and satiating. “There is no greater mastery than that of oneself. Here you share meal ideas with your coach, each week you are sent videos with personalized advice and, therefore, the feedback is constant. Without a role that when they take it away from you you don’t know how to follow, but with your own conscious decisions based on learning. When you give everything you have, it takes effort, but the result is worth it.”

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