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Today I want to talk to you about why you start doing CrossFit, why Crossfit is for everyone and how we work at CrossFit Courage.
But first I’m going to start by giving you reasons to start practicing this sport.


These are some of the reasons why I practice and dedicate myself to this sport, there may be others for you but you will surely agree with the ones I am going to mention below.

If you haven’t played sports before, you have the perfect environment to to start your initiation to CrossFit.

Many people don’t like the environment of a gym. But this is really very different, there is a different atmosphere here. People train individually but always encouraging others. It is not a competition to see who can do more, not at all. Whoever finishes first encourages his partner, so that he does not give up, so that he continues, so that he gives everything and the athlete who finishes the longest is the one who is most applauded and applauded.

I swear this makes my hair stand on end, and this atmosphere is engaging. And it makes you want more and more. At CrossFit you improve yourself every day. If you think I’m being exaggerated, it’s because you haven’t tried it yet. It is incredible to see in just one class how they start doing a squat and how they end up doing it in that same class, it is something that I emphasize a lot in my initiation classes, the changes that are achieved with a few months of CrossFit are very noticeable.

Many people who come from other sports or gyms realize that what they did with CrossFit has nothing to do with it, since CrossFit training is functional training and requires many more skills than simply lifting a pair of dumbbells.

Functional training allows your strength to be put to use. The good thing about training through muscle chains and not isolated muscles is that this strength is easier to put into practice in your daily life. Does lifting a wheel, climbing a rope or doing a handstand help? Surely you don’t lift wheels in your daily life, or climb any rope or have to do a handstand, but thanks to that you can carry the shopping better, hold the child better, have better posture or go up the stairs if the elevator is busy and not die trying.

You not only train your body, but also your mind. You are going to realize that many days you are going to hate training because of how hard it is, because you don’t like what you have to do. But, you know what? Those workouts are worth two, the exercises or types of training that we don’t like or are worse at, make us work on our mind, your mind will tell you that you can’t, but your inner voice will say that Yes, and this internal struggle will make you stronger, more persistent, more stubborn (in a good way).

The fact of not giving up, that is already a victory. High intensity = great results.

We always talk about how high intensity is what will give you great results, and every drop of sweat, every last push, when you think you can’t take it anymore, everything adds up. It’s incredible the physical change you can experience with just 3 months of CrossFit. Feel strong, capable of many things.

Something very important for me personally and it is one of the things I like the most is the fact of feeling strong, not because of my physical appearance, but because I am actually stronger. Can you imagine doing pull-ups? make pine backgrounds? Well, you really are capable.

All this and more is possible. I won’t tell you what happens automatically, but if you are persistent, you will be able to do many many things. And to break the barriers that you had about how far you could go. Because you can always do more. The fact of improving yourself little by little makes you have a positive mentality in more aspects not only inside the box but outside. Because you can be an example for others. We are all or can be a reference point for more people. In CrossFit, a series of very positive values are transmitted. You always have someone to involve in a healthier life. Show them that you don’t have to be an experienced athlete, that there is room for everyone in boxing and that we can all improve.

At CrossFit Courage we greatly encourage improving people’s health.


On Ramp is CrossFit applied to a group of people who have not done it before, it is a program designed to learn the 9 basic fundamental movements of CrossFit, although we will see three more, and there will be 12 movements in total that we will see during the month, to execute them with the correct technique, complying with all the performance points of each of them. This will allow you to gain security, confidence and efficiency in your movements and will prepare you physically and mentally for subsequent efforts in CrossFit training.

On Ramp is made up of three one-hour classes per week. These classes are specific to learning each group of three fundamental movements.

During this month you will have tutors who are Alfonso and Sheila, they will teach classes during the week and you can also be in contact with them daily via WhatsApp, since in On Ramp we have a group where we clarify possible doubts and pass on valuable information. From the beginning we want to foster community and make you feel comfortable in each training session. It is necessary that during the month of On ramp you attend three days a week so as not to miss any movement. Every month the tutors meet to see who can go to CrossFit or who has to stay one more month, always looking for you to train in a safe and comfortable way. Once they have passed the course they will be transferred to CrossFit.


Now you might think I’m a CrossFit geek, surely. Something that all CrossFit fans have in common is that once we have entered this world, we think about CrossFit beyond. We are obsessive, we want more, hunger for constant improvement, health, an atmosphere of camaraderie, and desire to make the community grow.

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