entrenamiento en casa


By: Alfonso Ruiz Carrera

We live in difficult times, where we have gone from total freedom to being “semi-locked” at home. From going to the box and seeing your friends or family and training together, from going to the box and most of the days ending up lying on the floor, but with the feeling of having done an excellent job within your limitations, let’s remember, it has the I deserve the same to lift 5kg as I do 100kg if for you, it makes you fight every repetition. Now is where the only option to preserve our health and fitness is home training due to Covid19.

You see yourself at home, almost without material, almost without space, removing tables, chairs and sofas to be able to train, and almost without motivation. But don’t worry, everything has a solution.

If we go back to ancient Greek times, and remember a photo or a sculpture, they didn’t have bad physiques, right? Do you think they had oars, Assault Bike, dumbbells from 5kg to 45kg (they had something similar made of stone called barbells…you know where the name weightlifting comes from), bars or boxes to jump on? Obviously not. They had their own body weight, and strange objects to lift such as stones, logs…

All this comes from the fact of not having material, it does not mean not being able to train, to continue maintaining our level of fitness, or even to improve any skill proposed by CrossFit.


Of these, perhaps we are not working on some, or we are working on them to a lesser extent, but we can improve capabilities such as:

  • Cardio/pulmonary resistance (Who doesn’t remember the suicidal sprints down the hallway at home, or the 250 burpees for time?)
  • Muscular endurance or stamina (how many strides or push-ups can we have done in all this time?)
  • Flexibility, that forgotten one… how much time have we had/do we have to work on it? With a minimum of 10-15′ every day we can go from being real tiles, to almost almost, contortionists of the Circo Del Sol.
  • Balance, surely we have done different types of planks during all this time, and the most involved in the world will have practiced the famous “Slips” so promoted by CrossFit in recent years.

(Perhaps if you have practiced yoga these days, without meaning to, you have practiced some “Slip”, so congratulations). Now think about all this, think for a moment about all the bodily control you have gained, amazing! The fact of training at home with your own body weight creates neurological adaptations in your body that you will notice on your return to the box if you have been consistent in your training.


And let’s go to the last topic, the easiest to explain, but the most difficult to apply, motivation.

We all know and have felt the motivation when it comes to training, but as you also know, it comes and goes as it pleases. This is where discipline comes in. If we know that this CrossFit/fitness thing is going to make us better parents (playing with your child for hours), better children (bringing your parents shopping now when they need it), better workers and better people (release of hormones such as serotonin and dopamine when exercising…hormones of happiness!) and better athletes, why not do it even if the motivation is not there?

As a very famous phrase says: “If you don’t have motivation, train without it, but do it.”

And let’s not forget that to be at a good level of fitness, apart from all of the above, eating well is going to be essential, for our immune system, for our health and for our performance, although Coach Dago will go into more depth with this. And with this, he leaves you another phrase, from someone a little known:

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

It doesn’t mean you have to do hollows or sit up on the counter, you know what I mean.

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