el tweet de greg glassman


By: Daniel Alcaraz Schramm

The last 4 weeks have taken a 180 degree turn in the world of CrossFit due to a tweet from Greg Glassman, for the average member who goes to the box to train things haven’t changed much, we are happy to be able to train again and hit bars for the first time in months.

Former CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman unleashed a tsunami of actions and conflict through a Twitter post “mocking” the United States health system using the term “FLOYD-19,” an inappropriate comment considered insensitive and considered by some. racist. After 2 controversial weeks of CrossFit affiliates requesting to disaffiliate, CrossFit HQ staff resigning from their jobs and CrossFit Games athletes deserting the competition, we have had giant changes in the company, below is a summary of the facts.

Within 24 hours of said tweet, Glassman issued an official written apology through the CrossFit Twitter account. It was not enough for the people affected or for the people who believe that this was a more than serious offense. As time went by, affiliate meetings were created to discuss what changes needed to happen to maintain affiliation with the brand, among many requests that Greg Glassman leave the position of CEO and sell the company, completely exiting the future of CrossFit Inc.


The change began with a new CEO, Dave Castro. Dave is the director of the CrossFit games and its programmer. He was part of the original CrossFit coaching staff and has been a key player in the development of the company. For some it was a step in the right direction, for others it was not nearly enough. The moment Dave Castro took on the role of CEO, the change began instantly, apologies, statements and calls to action were sent in the next few days. One of the most notable changes is that a program was started where each state in the United States would have a representative affiliate with which a better line of communication could be created between affiliates and CrossFit HQ.


Many people argued that the change was not enough, Greg Glassman still owned 100% of CrossFit and it was alleged that he could continue to influence the company’s culture and direction. Without prior notice overnight after several days of pressure in the CrossFit world it was announced that CrossFit would be sold to Eric Roza, an affiliate owner of over 10 years, an advanced CrossFitter and a more than successful entrepreneur outside from the world of fitness.

When this was announced it created a giant wave of positivity and hope for CrossFit, many people have felt that this means real change and are reconsidering being affiliated with CrossFit, others have returned to the community 100% and are happy about what is coming and a few others are waiting for the official change to be made to continue previous relationships with CrossFit. Many people are returning, among them one of the most important is: Nicole Carroll, Nicole has been a pioneer in CrossFit, she started as a demo at CrossFit seminars and rose within the company to be the training director, directing the path and training of CrossFit coaches around the world.

The future is full of hope for CrossFit, I personally believe that the change to come will be beneficial for the community and for the trainers of this fitness space, while we will continue doing thrusters and pull-ups in the box, turning up the music and passing the best time of our day with our boxing family.


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