“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” defines the World Health Organization (WHO). Who was going to tell us, with the laying of the first brick three years ago, that a small box in the newest area of Móstoles was going to become that small redoubt where that definition, understood as a lifestyle, is fulfilled daily. “We are normal people who do CrossFit,” say the walls of this box designed to find that balance to escape from current stress and pressure, and not just improve physically through exercise. From the Spartans who lift whatever weight is put in front of them and compete today to the beginners of On Ramp, a program designed to learn. Three years later, at CrossFit Courage we have all found our place.

Sandra Hernández and Francisco Ruiz have made their dream come true of creating a space where they can train, improving themselves through challenges and making friends, in an environment that spreads values thanks to a crowdfunding of 40 initial people. “Our strength is people, we want to transmit the benefits of physical activity from respect, personal growth, perseverance and self-esteem. Each class ensures complete training, learning and adaptation,” described the entrepreneurial couple with a huge smile in October 2018.

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In this time, Crossfit Courage has filled the maximum number of members, tripled its space, fired great coaches and given the opportunity to new ones, seen love stories emerge, reinvented itself in a pandemic, and improved the lives of many people. , has included new programs such as Gimnasia and Iron Legs and has managed to write a chapter in this sport by adding the largest number of athletes registered for the Open, the international competition that qualifies for the CrossFit Games. A total of 248 people, more than the United States, the cradle of this sport, or China by population. And for this reason they have been recognized at the inauguration event held in the North American country, where Móstoles enjoyed its minute of televised glory.

I don’t have a magic formula to share other than work, based on a strategy and constant dedication. I think that what has saved us and then promoted us is our ability to be chameleons: adapt as quickly as possible to everything that is happening,” explains Ruiz. But the best thing is for your partners to speak. Why have they stayed? How have these workouts become the best time of the day?

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